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Corporate Gifting

White House Flowers has maintained a loyal corporate clientele since its establishment 12 years ago. Our highly experienced Corporate Team have a talent for creating interesting, unique & well considered arrangements that breathe creative life into any space.

We weekly service an array of hotels, restaurants, retail stores, real estate agents, offices, and private homes in the wider Sydney area, eagerly tailoring each creation to suit our clients’ identity and needs.

Everything You Should Know About Corporate Gifting

One of the popular services that White House Flowers offers is corporate gifting. Have you ever wondered where real estate agents get the flowers for showcasing properties? Or who collects flowers to set up around an office. That’s where florists such as White House Flowers comes in. If you’re considering looking into corporate gifting, then a little background information will be useful in getting started.

What Types Of Businesses Are Involved With Corporate Gifting?

Types of businesses that are involved with corporate gifting include but are not limited to:

  • Hotels 
    Hotels generally want to offer their visitors a luxurious experience. Corporate gifts can help present this by decorating hotels with an array of flowers.
  • Restaurants 
    Restaurants always want to offer customers a specific ambience, which flower arrangements can assist. In addition, adding flowers to the restaurant can help add to the atmosphere.
  • Retail stores 
    Retail stores, especially during seasonal times, add different decorations to entice customers into entering the store. Again, corporate gifts can aid with supplying arrangements during other times of the year.
  • Real estate agents 
    Real estate agents will add different flowers ranges to add an extra something to a property. This makes it more appealing to potential clients.
  • Offices 
    Managers will often want to add something to the office to create a brighter workplace for their employees. For example, adding flower arrangements and working with White House Flowers to arrange corporate gifts can help brighten up a work environment.
  • Private homes in the wider Sydney area. 
    Additionally, people like to have fresh flowers in their home, so they can hire florists to service their private home frequently to make sure it’s up to date.

What Is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting involves flower arrangements suited specifically to the business ordering the corporate gifts. Floral arrangements can brighten up a room and emphasise different aspects of a building.

With corporate gifting comes weekly (or other amounts of time) servicing to ensure that the arrangements are kept up-to-date and fresh at all times.

Businesses have access to a wide range of corporate gifts and can work with the team at White House Flowers to best create the gifts that will best suit that company.

How Can Corporate Gifting Help Your Business?

There are many benefits that come with businesses investing in corporate gifts, these includes:

  • They can breathe life into rooms;
  • Created a sophisticated tone;
  • Brighten up a space;
  • Provide a more welcoming environment;
  • Add freshness into the atmosphere.

At White House Flowers, it’s our mission to ensure that businesses are happy with our services and promise to work with them from start to finish offering transparent advice. Our services are prompt and efficient, and we value our community of great customers.

For High-Quality Corporate Gifting, Contact White House Flowers

White House Flowers are the people to work with for a beautiful bouquet or vase filled with flowers. Whether it’s fresh or dried flowers, the experts at the Northern Beaches florist know how to pick them and deliver them. White House Flowers also specialise in giftings, such as hampers filled with body and beauty care products, chocolate, beverages, gift cards and more. Additionally, they have an abundance of spectacular plants on offer to gift a loved one or treat yourself with. White House Flowers provides only the best services, delivering flowers, plants, and gifts to gloat over, whether it’s a ‘just because’ reason, a wedding or corporate purpose. Contact the friendly team at White House Flowers today to begin organising your delivery.

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