Orchard St. Botanical Tea

Orchard St. Botanical Tea
Orchard St. Botanical Tea
Orchard St. Botanical Tea
She Tea {Balance & Support}
Calm Tea {Relax & Unwind}
Immune Tea {Protect & Defend}
Detox Tea {Cleanse & Clear} Stimulate liver function, enhance bile
Digest Tea {Sooth & Ease}
Energy Tea {Energy & Focus}
Glow Tea { Radiance & Purity}
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The Orchard St. Botanical Teas are naturopath formulated blends offering a delicate balance of therapeutic purpose and earthly flavour. Available in six blends.

Calm Tea {Relax & Unwind}Gently support and calm the nervous system with this delicately floral, herbal blend. Lemon balm, verbena and passionflower nourish and strengthen the body and mind, relieving nervous tension throughout. Licorice possesses the ability to support adrenal depletion and alleviate the stress response. Chamomile is a comprehensive calming herb through aromatic actions to body and mind.

Ingredients— camomile. licorice. verbena. lemon balm. passionflower. rose petals.

Detox Tea {Cleanse & Clear}Stimulate liver function, enhance bile flow and support toxin clearance with this Ayurvedic spiced, earthy and slightly bitter blend. Dandelion root supports liver and digestive function. Turmeric brings anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant prowess. Ginger, black pepper and coriander enhance digestion while supporting detoxification by binding to toxins and increasing excretion. Rooibos provides an antioxidant rich base for this purifying blend.

Ingredients— rooibos. dandelion root. coriander seed. cinnamon husk. peppercorn. turmeric.

Digest Tea {Sooth & Ease}Peppermint, fennel and ginger aid in reducing digestive troubles through soothing properties while native lemon myrtle also offers antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic benefits. An overall relaxing effect is offered to the body and mind through the dualistic carminative action of this beautiful botanical blend.

Ingredients— lemon myrtle. peppermint. licorice. fennel. ginger.

Energy Tea {Energy & Focus}This awakening tea works to increase vitality, performance and concentration; an ideal alternative to coffee. Yerba mate and green tea are age-old medicines packed full of antioxidants, providing the ability to enhance mental clarity and energy. Licorice, Tulsi and Siberian Ginseng hold the unique power to increase the body’s adaptation to physical, mental and emotional stress.

Ingredients— tulsi. yerba mate. lemongrass. siberian ginseng. lemon peel.

Glow Tea { Radiance & Purity}Glow from the inside out with this delicate blend to support lymphatic drainage, reduce fluid retention and gently clear your skin; your largest organ of detoxification. A combination of calendula and nettle gently purify while rosehip, hibiscus and lemon peel are rich in vitamin c to support collagen production; regenerating skin cells and elasticity to enhance your inner glow.

Ingredients— hibiscus. nettle. lemon peel. rosehip. calendula.

Immune Tea {Protect & Defend}Support your immunity at all times of the year with this powerful immune-modulating blend. Echinacea, elderberry, olive leaf and thyme strengthen the immune system, with a particular affinity to the upper respiratory system. Ginger promotes healthy circulation and aids in relieving congestion, while rosehip offers an abundance of vitamin C.

Ingredients— echinacea. ginger. olive leaf. elderberry. rosehip. thyme.

She Tea {Balance & Support}A nutritive and balancing blend for women, with hints of mint, ginger & rose. Nettle and alfalfa offer vitamin and mineral rich profiles along with gentle blood-purification benefits, whilst vitamin c rich rosehip promotes skin elasticity and healing. Raspberry leaf strengthens and tones the womb, ginger is an effective anti-nausea and digestive aid while fenugreek brings gentle breastfeeding support when needed.

Ingredients – nettle. peppermint. raspberry leaf. fenugreek seed. ginger. rose petals.

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