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Orchard St. Botanical Tea

From: $36.00
The Orchard St. Botanical Teas are naturopath formulated blends offering a delicate balance of therapeutic purpose and earthly flavour. Available in six blends. Calm Tea {Relax & Unwind} Gently support and calm the nervous system with this delicately floral, herbal blend. Lemon balm, verbena and passionflower nourish and strengthen the body and mind, relieving nervous tension throughout. Licorice possesses the ability to support adrenal depletion and alleviate the stress response. Chamomile is a comprehensive calming herb through aromatic actions to body and mind. Ingredients— camomile. licorice. verbena. lemon balm. passionflower. rose petals. Detox Tea {Cleanse & Clear} Stimulate liver function, enhance bile flow and support toxin clearance with this Ayurvedic spiced, earthy and slightly bitter blend. Dandelion root supports liver and digestive function. Turmeric brings anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant prowess. Ginger, black pepper and coriander enhance digestion while supporting detoxification by binding to toxins and increasing excretion. Rooibos provides an antioxidant rich base for this purifying blend. Ingredients— rooibos. dandelion root. coriander seed. cinnamon husk. peppercorn. turmeric. Digest Tea {Sooth & Ease} Peppermint, fennel and ginger aid in reducing digestive troubles through soothing properties while native lemon myrtle also offers antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic benefits. An overall relaxing effect is offered to the body and mind through the dualistic carminative action of this beautiful botanical blend. Ingredients— lemon myrtle. peppermint. licorice. fennel. ginger. Energy Tea {Energy & Focus} This awakening tea works to increase vitality, performance and concentration; an ideal alternative to coffee. Yerba mate and green tea are age-old medicines packed full of antioxidants, providing the ability to enhance mental clarity and energy. Licorice, Tulsi and Siberian Ginseng hold the unique power to increase the body's adaptation to physical, mental and emotional stress. Ingredients— tulsi. yerba mate. lemongrass. siberian ginseng. lemon peel. Glow Tea { Radiance & Purity} Glow from the inside out with this delicate blend to support lymphatic drainage, reduce fluid retention and gently clear your skin; your largest organ of detoxification. A combination of calendula and nettle gently purify while rosehip, hibiscus and lemon peel are rich in vitamin c to support collagen production; regenerating skin cells and elasticity to enhance your inner glow. Ingredients— hibiscus. nettle. lemon peel. rosehip. calendula. Immune Tea {Protect & Defend} Support your immunity at all times of the year with this powerful immune-modulating blend. Echinacea, elderberry, olive leaf and thyme strengthen the immune system, with a particular affinity to the upper respiratory system. Ginger promotes healthy circulation and aids in relieving congestion, while rosehip offers an abundance of vitamin C. Ingredients— echinacea. ginger. olive leaf. elderberry. rosehip. thyme.

Byron Vase by KAS

From: $69.95
Sleek and sophisticated, the Byron Glass Vase is a statement piece made for every interior. With its stirring ombré matte texture, the vase is perfect for creating a charming sculptural display or unique floral arrangement. No two pieces are the same; each vessel is hand crafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia. Available in Round, Large and Tall in the colours Black, Natural, Olive and Terracotta Round: 21x21x23cm Large: 20x20x31cm Tall: 14x14x35cm

Charlie Mug by KAS

Hand sculpted by artisans, KAS’s Charlie stoneware mug is glazed in a soft marshmallow tone that will make every hot beverage seem that little bit more delicious. Every mug handle across the Ben David by KAS collection is simple yet elegantly sculpted; transforming an everyday household item into an art form. The Charlie mug liquid capacity is 350ml, and is microwave and dishwasher safe. The Charlie mug measures 9 x 14cm

Chester Planter by KAS

From: $64.95
Breathe new life into your plant collection with the Chester planter. Handcrafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia, the tall porcelain vessel expertly blends spherical curves with angular corners to create visual intrigue. It is available in a range of neutral and bold colours to help you strike the right tone in your interior. Small available in Raw Sienna Large available in Natural Small: 17x17x21cm Large: 16.5x16.5x24.5cm

Delta Mug by KAS

With a smooth organic form handcrafted by artisans, KAS’s Delta stoneware mug will add a bohemian and earthy element to your tablescape. Every mug handle across the Ben David by KAS collection is simple yet elegantly sculpted; transforming an everyday household item into an art form. The Delta mug liquid capacity is 350ml, and is microwave and dishwasher safe. The Delta mug measures 9 x 13cm

Jupiter Vase by KAS

From: $89.95
Inspired by the organic shapes of classic vessels, the Jupiter vase will effortlessly house wide floral arrangements or stand alone as a sculptural statement piece. Handcrafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia, the vessel is constructed from a porcelain made using a technique consisting 72 steps executed with perfect precision. It is available in a range of warm colours to help create an earthy and natural look in your interior Available in Natural, Ochre and Peach 20x20x19.5cm

Wave Low Vase by KAS

From: $79.95
With a form inspired by the shapes of ocean waves lapping the shore, the Wave vase reimagines the ebbs of nature in an inviting and warm neutral palette. Handcrafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia, its shape can be leveraged to sculpt striking and unique floral arrangements. Available in Butter and Natural 25 x 11 x 19cm

Foxtails & Co Cocktail Gift Set

From: $45.00
By Three Foxes Distillery Foxtails bottled cocktails are single cocktails made for the good times. Each bottle is handcrafted using our premium spirits infused with real fruit and organic botanicals. Treat someone with these best seller Gift Sets- with three selected cocktails in each. Choose from:
Best Seller Gift Set:
Espresso Martini, Cranberry Peach & Rose, Blood Orange
Classic Gift Set:
Martini, Negroni, Espresso Martini
Distillers Choice Gift Set:
Espresso Martini, Negroni, Cranberry Peach & Rose
Orchard Gift Set:
Blood Orange, Coconut Pear Pine, Cranberry Peach & Rose

Linen Tea Towels by Philippa Nikulinsky

From: $33.00
Beautiful linen tea towels, digitally printed with artwork by Philippa Nikulinksy. A splendid reproduction full of colour, showcasing the brilliant biodiversity of Australian flora. Four artwork varieties available including the 'Marri', 'Southern Heathland', 'Goldfields - Mulga', and 'Red Capped Gum'.
  • 100% linen
  • Measuring 42x64cm with hem.
  • A high quality Australian made tea towel.

Luxe Celebration Hamper

Send an extravagant congratulations with this our extravagant Luxe Celebration hamper. Splash out with the following:
  • Marmoset Found – Small Ribbed Infinity Ceramic Vase with dried mustard toned arrangement
  • Veuve
  • Foxtails & Co. – Cranberry Peach & Rose
  • Foxtails & Co. – Coconut Pine & Pear
  • Winnow – Summer Pavlova Brittle
  • Winnow – Salted Caramel Balls
  • Leif – Two Hands - Small – Lillypilly
  • Black Blaze Candle – Honey
  • A cluster of dried hydrangea to compliment

Luxe Home Hamper

Cover all bases with the perfect housewarming gift. Our Luxe Home hamper comes with:
  • XS Succulent Garden
  • Orchard St. Botanical Tea
  • Molly's Cradle Sparkling Wine
  • KAS – Charlie Mug x2
  • Winnow – Roasted Almond & Sea Salt Bar (Vegan)
  • Dindi Naturals – Room Spray – Fresh Australia
  • Maison Blanche Deluxe Candle – Cedarwood & Patchouli
  • Etikette – Eco Room Diffuser – Coastal Moss & Sea Salt
  • A cluster of dried hydrangea

Luxe Romance Hamper

If you're as hopeless a romantic as we are, here's your perfect all-in-one hamper.
  • A single red rose, with preserved maroon foliage to compliment, gift wrapped
  • Moet
  • Winnow – Raspberry & Rose Hearts
  • Etikette – Medium Candle – Lily, Rose & Ruby Plum
  • Leif – Body Double – Wild Rosella
  • Byron Bay Bath Bombs – Rose Geranium Bath Soak
  • Byron Bay Bath Bombs – Rosa Face Mist
  • Studio Billie – Cybele

Dindi Naturals Room Spray

From: $22.00
Dindi’s aroma-therapeutic room mist sprays are a fantastic natural alternative to common synthetic room sprays and air fresheners. Say goodbye to constant headaches and unnatural fragrances, their room mists are made from a base of natural plant hydrosols and our own signature blends of pure essential oils. Vegan Friendly. Directions: Shake bottle gently then spray mist in an upwards direction throughout the room. Avoid direct contact with eyes or broken skin. Available in four scents: Morocco (New In!) A sweet, spicy and warming fragrance, with underlying scents of orange, frankincense and cinnamon. Ingredients: purified water, pure essential oils of sweet orange, benzoin Sumatra, patchouli, bergamot, frankincense, cinnamon, ylang ylang, black pepper, neroli and clove, castile soap. Calm Flower (Best Seller) A gentle, feminine floral. The powdery sweetness of geranium blends beautifully with lavender and a hint of lemongrass adds a touch of spiciness. Ingredients: lavender hydrosol*, purified water, pure essential oils of geranium, lavender and lemongrass, castile soap (*organic) Fresh Australia A stimulating and refreshing blend with a sweet lemon twist to cleanse and purify Ingredients: lemon tea tree hydrosol, purified water, pure essential oils of lemon myrtle, rosalina, eucalyptus blue and kunzea, castile soap Orange Bliss A refreshing zesty orange scent, with warm floral undertones of ylang-ylang and geranium Ingredients: lavender hydrosol*, purified water, pure essential oils of sweet orange, ylang ylang and geranium, castile soap (*organic)

Organic Baby Massage Oil by Dindi

Gentle massage can be an effective way to communicate with your baby and encourage bonding with the whole family. It has many therapeutic benefits and may encourage relaxation, relieve abdominal pain, improve sleep patterns and help to enhance moods. Dindi’s baby massage oil is a blend of pure, gentle and organic plant oils that absorb into baby's delicate skin without irritating or clogging pores. They have chosen not to add any fragrance or essential oils that may aggravate baby's tender and sensitive skin. Directions: In warm conditions you can gently massage oil directly onto your baby’s skin, then smooth it around in a circular motion, or whichever way is most comfortable and suitable for you and your baby. In cooler weather, you may wish to first apply the oil on your hand, wait for it to warm, then apply it in your preferred way. Ingredients: jojoba oil*, shea butter*, avocado oil*, rosehip oil*, grapeseed oil*, natural vitamin e (*organic) Vegan friendly

Etikette Candles & Reed Diffusers

From: $35.00
Inspired by ocean sprays, big rains, smoky campfires and winding bush tracks. Etikette shares stories of the Australian landscape through the power of scent and memories. Made lovingly by hand on Peramangk and Kaurna Country in the Adelaide Hills. We honour our connection to the environment through fragrances that rekindle memories of this wild and beautiful place we get to call home. Carefully blended, mindfully poured and cured slowly among the gum trees. Etikette collections are produced using techniques that respect the environment and support local communities. Committed to sustainability, Etikette candles are made from soy wax and cotton wicks and our diffusers are made exclusively using eco base, a gentle plant-based alternative to glycol ethers and acetates. Golden amber glassware is designed for reuse. Etikette AUS is a Trace accredited climate positive brand, reducing our environmental impact and offsetting the emissions of our supply chain and operations. Through Trace we help to fund certified climate solutions including bushland biodiversity restoration projects across Australia and global projects aligned with the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Scents available in candle are Lily, Rose & Ruby Plum | Cactus Flower | Pomegranate & Wild Sage | Coastal Moss & Sea Salt | Spiced Cocoa & Sassafras | Summer Melon & Illawarra Plum | Bush Botanicals | Sweet Honey & Myrtle | Fig Leaf & River Berries |

Bath Brew by Addition Studios

From: $17.95
Bath Brew is a giant tea bag for the bath, used as a remedial & relaxing bath soak. Steep in this tonic and enjoy the benefits. Where possible, local and organic ingredients have been sourced. Using local & organic produce contributes to a better word, while a relaxed, healthy mind contributes to a positive collective psyche. Bath Brew Blends: Milk Bath : With nourishing Goats Milk, raw organic Cacao butter & Lavender botanicals Green Tea: With detoxifying Tea Tree, ground organic Seaweed & Calendula botanicals Riverstone: With Australian Olive Clay, Zeolite Clay, Australian Tea Tree, Epsom Salt & Certified Organic Essential oils; Pink Grapefruit, Rosemary, Fennel Sweet, Juniperberry, Carrot Seed Australian Native : Native Ground Wattle seed, & Pink Ochre, with Blue Cypress & Macadamia Oil. Size: 120cm x 120cm x 1.5cm (100g bag) Origin: Blended by hand, packed with care in Australia.

Treatment Set by Addition Studios

A complete health & beauty set to detox, relax & rejuvenate. Includes a Body Scrub, Bath Soak & Clay Mask. Includes: 1 x Native Australian Body Scrub Sachet: Native White Ochre & Zeolite clay, with Kunzea and Fragonia Essential Oils. A relaxing and enlightening detox experience. Net weight: 4.0 oz ℮ 110gm Serving: 1 1 x Native Australian Bath Soak Sachet: Native Ground Wattleseed & Pink Ochre, with Blue Cypress & Macadamia Oil. An invigorating and energizing body scrub experience. Net weight: 4.0 oz ℮ 110gm Serving: 1 1 x Clay Mask/Brush/dish: Australian Olive Green Clay A powerful face mask to rebalance oil levels and aid skin repair. Includes: Clay, Brush & Glass Dish Apprx. 4 servings per pack.