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Zigzag in XL Sienna Dayze Planter

This gorgeous, spineless cactus specimen is a stunning centrepiece that is sure to be a showstopper in any home. In ideal circumstances, will bloom one to two times in a year during the night, usually in late autumn. Keep this cactus in a spot with moderate light. A spot with direct sunlight during the cooler months is good as well. This cactus is not endemic to a desert climate, so is prone to root rot when overwatered. Be sure to let it dry out between waterings. Presented in either a sienna textured concrete planter & topped with woodchip on top of soil to finish. Dimensions for the pot is 25cm wide x 25cm high. This pot has a drainage hole with plug for convenience. Plant & pot combination is approximately 1m wide x 80cm tall, including trail.