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A Guide To Organising Wedding Flowers

White House Flowers is the best for wedding flowers in Northern Beaches. Planning a wedding can be one of the most overwhelming events that one plans in their lifetime, so it’s important to ensure that you’re working with a team you can trust. When the day arrives, you don’t want to be left with any disappointments or nasty surprises when it comes to the flower arrangements you’ve settled on. White House Flowers can make sure that the process is smooth and you get exactly what you’re looking for to help make your special day perfect. 

Steps You Should Take When Organising A Floral Arrangement For Your Wedding 

When planning your wedding flowers, the following steps should be taken to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible, making for a stress-free day. 

Step 1: Set your budget 

Once you have set the overall budget for your wedding, it’s good to assign different budgets to different aspects of the wedding, like flower arrangements. This way, you’re familiar with the pricing points and realistic arrangements. 

Step 2: Create a brief (or specific) idea of what types of arrangements you like 

Begin taking screenshots, images and notes of what wedding floral arrangements you prefer. This way, when it comes time to communicate with florists’ you have something to show them. 

Step 3: Reach out to florists 

Now it’s time to reach out to various florists and ask them for quotes on what you’re after. Also, ask florists questions about deliveries and how they keep their flowers fresh, all of the important stuff you need to know. 

Step 4: Plan out what you need where

Make sure to note down where you need floral arrangements, such as at the ceremony, reception, bridal bouquets for the bridesmaids, and boutonnieres, plus anywhere else you will be using floral arrangements of any sort. 

Types Of Wedding Floral Arrangements

Different types of floral arrangements include, but are not limited to: 

  • Elliptical flower arrangement
    This is where the flowers are arranged and placed in the form of an ellipse. The flowers commonly used for this purpose are roses, sunflowers, dahlia, lotus, tuberoses, lilies, and more. 
  • Vertical flower arrangement 
    This is one of the most used flower arrangements in wedding bouquets and flower baskets. A mixture and combination of different types of flowers with various colours and shapes are used for these arrangements. 
  • Horizontal flower arrangement  
    This is also a very common arrangement used by flower designers. The flowers of different colours are arranged in rows or on a zig-zag basis with the help of this type of flower arrangement. 
  • Triangular arrangement 
    The whole flower bunch is cut and trimmed in the shape of a triangle. These flower arrangements usually have a big flower in the middle, emphasising the bunch. 
  • The crescent flower arrangement 
    This is also known as the C type of flower arrangement in which the freshly plucked flower with green leaves and stem fillers are used on a flower basket arrangement. 

When it comes to wedding bouquet flowers, there is a broad range of arrangements, and White House Flowers can cater to all styles. 

Why Choose White House Flowers For Your Wedding Floral Arrangements? 

There’s no need to look further than White House Flowers when it comes to wedding flowers in Northern Beaches. When it comes to your special day, the florists at White House Flowers will ensure you get the best quality flowers because: 

  • They enjoy creating unique, bespoke floral scapes;
  • Seeing couple celebrate their love in front of beautifully-crafted florals encourage us to keep doing what we do best; 
  • We source the most exquisite and fresh blooms;
  • They are carefully arranged to suit the specific style of clients. 

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