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Essential Plant Care Kit by ‘We The Wild’

From: $10.00
Keep your houseplants happy and healthier without the guesswork. We The Wild’s 3 Essentials give you the A-B-C of plant care; fast growth, healthy leaves, and strong, resilient roots. Delivered to you in a recyclable storage box, it's everything you need to care for your plants through every season. Available in two sizes, perfect for a brand new plant parent or an experienced green thumb. Grow Concentrate: add to your watering can every second time you give your plants a drink. Protect Spray: mist your leaves every 2 weeks or more often if there's an active issue. Support Pellets: dig into your top soil every 2 months or use when repotting. All We The Wild products have been deemed pet safe by Animal Toxicologists.

Plant Mama Care Kit by ‘We The Wild’

Our Essential Kit gets a facelift, ready for Mother's Day! Each kit contains the 3 essential products every budding Plant Mama needs to grow happier and healthier plants with less guesswork. Our Protect Spray, Support Pellets and Grow Concentrate are gently nestled within a mix of sustainably sourced pine wool and stunningly scented dried Roses. Plus, a bespoke "congratulations" tree-planting certificate/gift note is guaranteed to leave that special woman feeling warm and fuzzy!   How it works:

Step 1: Use the Grow Concentrate every two weeks for fast growth and strong roots.

Step 2: Add the Support Pellets to your pot every 2 months to enrich soil and provide your plants with daily support. Step 3: Spray our Protect formula when plants need some extra love, or prevent a multitude of problems by spraying fortnightly. Step 4: Watch plants thrive from the essential nutrients, enzymes and microbes that they crave.

Foxtails & Co Cocktail

From: $12.00
By Three Foxes Distillery Foxtails  bottled cocktails are single cocktails made for the good times. Each bottle is handcrafted using our premium spirits infused with real fruit and organic botanicals.

Seadrift Distilled Non Alcoholic Spirit

From: $55.00
Seadrift is made using the same traditional distillation process that has been used for centuries to create spirits such as Gin and Vodka. All production is in traditional copper stills that are slowly distilled at low temperatures to create a fresh botanical tasting drink. The copper dome of the still helps to concentrate and capture the natural flavours and aromas, producing a smoother, fresh tasting spirit.   Classic: Top notes of coriander and lime, it is non alcoholic and perfect served with seafood or asian cuisine. Serve 50ml’s over crushed ice with your favourite tonic. Coast: The drink opens with the natural sweetness of freshly torn basil leaves combined with the citric zing of lemongrass. This evolves into the peppery complexity of juniper and finishes with a faint note of Golden Sea Kelp, that coats the mouth and helps all the flavours to linger for longer


From: $55.00
A petite bud vase from Marmoset Found with two beautiful complimenting roses & dried foliage sprig. Marmoset vase is available in six seasonally inspired colours, Dove Grey, Chalk, Icy Pink, Moss, Steel, and Light Blue

Orchard St. Botanical Tea

From: $36.00
The Orchard St. Botanical Teas are naturopath formulated blends offering a delicate balance of therapeutic purpose and earthly flavour. Available in six blends. Calm Tea {Relax & Unwind} Gently support and calm the nervous system with this delicately floral, herbal blend. Lemon balm, verbena and passionflower nourish and strengthen the body and mind, relieving nervous tension throughout. Licorice possesses the ability to support adrenal depletion and alleviate the stress response. Chamomile is a comprehensive calming herb through aromatic actions to body and mind. Ingredients— camomile. licorice. verbena. lemon balm. passionflower. rose petals. Detox Tea {Cleanse & Clear} Stimulate liver function, enhance bile flow and support toxin clearance with this Ayurvedic spiced, earthy and slightly bitter blend. Dandelion root supports liver and digestive function. Turmeric brings anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant prowess. Ginger, black pepper and coriander enhance digestion while supporting detoxification by binding to toxins and increasing excretion. Rooibos provides an antioxidant rich base for this purifying blend. Ingredients— rooibos. dandelion root. coriander seed. cinnamon husk. peppercorn. turmeric. Digest Tea {Sooth & Ease} Peppermint, fennel and ginger aid in reducing digestive troubles through soothing properties while native lemon myrtle also offers antimicrobial, antiviral and antiseptic benefits. An overall relaxing effect is offered to the body and mind through the dualistic carminative action of this beautiful botanical blend. Ingredients— lemon myrtle. peppermint. licorice. fennel. ginger. Energy Tea {Energy & Focus} This awakening tea works to increase vitality, performance and concentration; an ideal alternative to coffee. Yerba mate and green tea are age-old medicines packed full of antioxidants, providing the ability to enhance mental clarity and energy. Licorice, Tulsi and Siberian Ginseng hold the unique power to increase the body's adaptation to physical, mental and emotional stress. Ingredients— tulsi. yerba mate. lemongrass. siberian ginseng. lemon peel. Glow Tea { Radiance & Purity} Glow from the inside out with this delicate blend to support lymphatic drainage, reduce fluid retention and gently clear your skin; your largest organ of detoxification. A combination of calendula and nettle gently purify while rosehip, hibiscus and lemon peel are rich in vitamin c to support collagen production; regenerating skin cells and elasticity to enhance your inner glow. Ingredients— hibiscus. nettle. lemon peel. rosehip. calendula. Immune Tea {Protect & Defend} Support your immunity at all times of the year with this powerful immune-modulating blend. Echinacea, elderberry, olive leaf and thyme strengthen the immune system, with a particular affinity to the upper respiratory system. Ginger promotes healthy circulation and aids in relieving congestion, while rosehip offers an abundance of vitamin C. Ingredients— echinacea. ginger. olive leaf. elderberry. rosehip. thyme.

Self Love Hamper

Who doesn’t need some self love? This is the most beautiful package presented in a crisp white box. Chocolates, hand balm, bath salts & fresh flowers!
  • Buddha Wood Hand Balm by Leif
  • Raspberry and Rose Petal Chocolate Hearts by Winnow
  • Clear glass bud vase of fresh seasonal blooms
  • Rose Geranium Bath Soak by Byron Bay Bath Bombs
  • Cluster of everlasting dried hydrangea

Peaches And Sunshine – Deluxe

Revisit summer this Mother's Day with this uplifting hamper. Flavours of peach, cranberry and raspberry, and a beautiful sun ray shaped candle will put a smile on her dial. What you get:
  • Harper Candle by Studio Billie
  • Peach and Elderflower Candle by Maison Blanche
  • Cranberry Peach Cocktail by Foxtails & Co
  • White Chocolate and Raspberry hearts by Winnow
  • Seasonal Blooms in a jar
  • Includes a cluster of everlasting Hydrangea

Chocolate Lover Mini #2

Chocoholic? Add this mini Winnow Chocolate Hamper...some brittle, a bar & some beautiful hearts. Winnow is handmade in the Blue Mountains.  Complimentary gift packaging included.  Delicious white chocolate treats!
  • Summer Pavlova white chocolate brittle
  • Raspberry and rose petal white chocolate hearts box
  • Mixed berry organic plant based dark chocolate bar
  • Cluster of dried everlasting hydrangea to finish

Aventura Vase by KAS

From: $59.95
Angular and sculptural, the Aventura vase is handcrafted by artisans in porcelain exclusively for KAS Australia. Perfect for complementing statement floral arrangements or holding its own as a standalone accent, the design is available in a glowing range of nature-inspired tones designed to enhance a natural aesthetic. Available in Jade and Natural 19.5x19.5x19.5cm

Byron Vase by KAS

From: $69.95
Sleek and sophisticated, the Byron Glass Vase is a statement piece made for every interior. With its stirring ombré matte texture, the vase is perfect for creating a charming sculptural display or unique floral arrangement. No two pieces are the same; each vessel is hand crafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia. Available in Round, Large and Tall in the colours Black, Natural, Olive and Terracotta Round: 21x21x23cm Large: 20x20x31cm Tall: 14x14x35cm

Charlie Mug by KAS

Hand sculpted by artisans, KAS’s Charlie stoneware mug is glazed in a soft marshmallow tone that will make every hot beverage seem that little bit more delicious. Every mug handle across the Ben David by KAS collection is simple yet elegantly sculpted; transforming an everyday household item into an art form. The Charlie mug liquid capacity is 350ml, and is microwave and dishwasher safe. The Charlie mug measures 9 x 14cm

Chester Planter by KAS

From: $64.95
Breathe new life into your plant collection with the Chester planter. Handcrafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia, the tall porcelain vessel expertly blends spherical curves with angular corners to create visual intrigue. It is available in a range of neutral and bold colours to help you strike the right tone in your interior. Small available in Raw Sienna Large available in Natural Small: 17x17x21cm Large: 16.5x16.5x24.5cm

Chocolate Lover Mini #1

Chocolate Lover? Add this mini Winnow Chocolate set to your gift. Winnow is handmade in the Blue Mountains, Sydney.  Complimentary gift packaging included.  A yummy selection of treats!
  • Honeycomb brittle - organic milk chocolate
  • Raspberry and coconut dark chocolate hearts
  • Roasted almond and sea salt dark chocolate plant based bar
  • Cluster of dried everlasting hydrangea to finish

Delta Mug by KAS

With a smooth organic form handcrafted by artisans, KAS’s Delta stoneware mug will add a bohemian and earthy element to your tablescape. Every mug handle across the Ben David by KAS collection is simple yet elegantly sculpted; transforming an everyday household item into an art form. The Delta mug liquid capacity is 350ml, and is microwave and dishwasher safe. The Delta mug measures 9 x 13cm

Doral Vase by KAS

From: $79.95
The perfect addition to any side table or a great centrepiece, the mesmerizingly angular curves of the Doral vase will effortlessly host beautiful floral arrangements. Handcrafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia, the porcelain is constructed from a technique consisting 72 steps executed with perfect precision. Available in Grey and Rose 20x20x18cm

Dune Vase by KAS

From: $79.95
Make your table a focal point in your interior with the Dune vase. Sculpturally designed to host a statement flower or few, the vase will excel when styled in narrower spaces. Handcrafted exclusively for KAS Australia, this artisan-made treasure is constructed from a rich porcelain in both natural and bold colours to suit your styling needs. Available in Natural and Terracotta 28.2x9x29.5cm

Flinton Vase by KAS

From: $79.95
Add endless sophistication to your floral arrangements with the Flinton vase. Handcrafted by artisans exclusively for KAS, the triangular vase contrasts jagged edges with smooth ceramic for dramatic effect. Available in Caramel and Natural 22.2x13.3x23.5cm

Havana Vase by KAS

Handcrafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia, your search for a modern sculptural vessel finishes with the Weston vase. Organic, flowing lines come together to create a versatile piece that can be used to host a single flower, a candle, or make a statement as part of a display. Available in Natural 13x13x36.5cm

Howard Vase by KAS

From: $49.95
Inspired by pebbles ground to smoothness in a river bed, the egg-shaped Howard vase is uniquely framed to create an unusual and thought-provoking statement piece. Available in a range of sizes in warm natural tones, the vase is handcrafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia from intricate porcelain. Available in Desert Rose and Raw Sienna 20.5x16.5x15.5cm

Industry Planter by KAS

Inspired by the sculptural curves and chiselled accents of classic Greek architecture, the Industry planter is the perfect forever home for any indoor plant. Crafted from porcelain using a technique consisting 72 steps executed with perfect precision, the vessel is handmade by artisans in a beautiful range of earthy tones exclusively for KAS Australia. Available in Terracotta 19.5x19.5x19.5cm

Industry Vase by KAS

From: $69.95
A striking sculptural centrepiece, the Industry vase combines Greek architecture-inspired chiselled accents and organic curves in an earthy tone perfect for adding colour, texture and depth to a neutral interior. Crafted from porcelain using a technique consisting 72 steps executed with perfect precision, the vessel is handmade by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia. Available in Mustard and Natural 15.5x15.5x30cm

Jupiter Vase by KAS

From: $89.95
Inspired by the organic shapes of classic vessels, the Jupiter vase will effortlessly house wide floral arrangements or stand alone as a sculptural statement piece. Handcrafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia, the vessel is constructed from a porcelain made using a technique consisting 72 steps executed with perfect precision. It is available in a range of warm colours to help create an earthy and natural look in your interior Available in Natural, Ochre and Peach 20x20x19.5cm

Kettle Vase by KAS

From: $59.95
The Kettle vase artistically reimagines a classic appliance into a statement mid-century style sculptural piece. Striking and bold, the ceramic demands attention with slick bold lines and thought-provoking geometry. Cast in a mustard glaze that will give any interior a contemporary update, the vessel is hand crafted by artisans exclusively for KAS Australia. Available in Mustard and Natural 22.5x14.5x29.5cm

Miami Vase by KAS

The Miami vase reimagines the traditional cylindrical form with chiselled accents and flowing organic shapes. Perfect for housing tall floral arrangements, candles or as part of a sculptural display, the vessel is handmade by artisans from intricately crafted porcelain exclusively for KAS Australia.    Available in Natural 13x13x39cm