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Essential Oils by Byron Bay Bath Bombs

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Focus (green) Peppermint, Spearmint, Patchouli and Rosemary This blend is great if you need to focus ground down and get stuff done. Great for studying as Rosemary promotes concentration and memory whilst the peppermint actives the frontal lobes to help focus and concentrate. And the Patchouli helps to calm your mind and be grounded. Balance (red) Rose Geranium, Sweet Basil, Fennel and Clary Sage This blend is the female blend, awesome for PMS. Roll this blend over the tummy during and after your monthly cycle. It’s also great just as a general perfume as its very floral and earthy at the same time. The Clary sage paired with the sweet basil can help balance hormones if you suffer from imbalances such as PCOS. Uplift (yellow) Ylang Ylang, Citrus Bliss, vanilla and wild orange (for anxiety) Ylang Ylang is the oil of the inner child. This blend with citrus is sweet and uplifting. Great for motivation and prompting changes in energy. Pop this oil on in the morning to balance sad feelings or anxiousness. This oil is also a very nice aphrodisiac. All roller blends are blended with 100% pure essential oils using a organic fractionated coconut oil from Doterra. Their oils are ethically sourced and CPTG certified.

Rosa Face Mist By Byron Bay Bath Bombs

ROSA FACE MIST The organic blend Organic, calming, sweet, aromatic Rose water face mist. Spring this rosewater face mist into your daily skin routine by spritzing onto your skin after cleansing for a hydrating dewy finish, the anti-inflammatory properties of the rose will also calm any redness on the face.

Sleepy Essential Oil by Byron Bay Bath Bombs

Sleep Blend - Lavender, Litsea and Frankincense A stem of handpicked French lavender floats within a beautiful blend of Lavender, Litsea and Frankincense. Held lovingly in a beautiful, sleek glass vessel. The perfect roller for a moment of rest. Apply to pulse points as part of your night-time routine, or for when you need a little break away.